Skills for Jobs White Paper: CDI Response

The CDI have published their response to the recently released Skills for Jobs White Paper. Written by Tristram Hooley, the briefing paper outlines why there are some real areas for positivity for Careers education but it just doesn’t go far enough.

“So far what is on offer is largely positive but does neither represent any radical new thinking nor a substantial increase in funding for career guidance”.

Tristram Hooley, The Skills for Jobs White Paper Implications for career development (Briefing Paper), CDI, January 2021

Our reply…

‘We fully support and echo the response from the CDI – radical times call for radical thinking. What we have here is the same old ground rehashed and repackaged, albeit with a pretty bow and presented to us with the grand entrance music of a boxer passed their prime’.

You can read our initial thread on the White Paper here and you can download the briefing paper here.

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