Skills and CEIAG are the ladders for which young people need to climb

Earlier today Skills Builder Partnership released the ‘Better Prepared: Essential skills and employment outcomes for young people‘ research. As stated in the Forward by Sam Butters, CEO of Fair Education Alliance, the results are timely, hard-hitting and require immediate attention and action from all.

“The message is clear on the link between essential skills and inequality. A lack of essential skills determines employment opportunities in later life, and, at the same time, there is a strong correlation between greater social advantage and higher skills scores.”

Sam Butters, CEO, Fair Education Alliance, Better Prepared: essential skills and employment outcomes for young people, Skills Builder Partnership, February 2021

Our Reply…

“We fully support the findings from the Better Prepared report. Levelling up is vital in aiding disadvantaged young people with social mobility. Developing their skills can be the ladder to let young people climb.

We fear that the ‘what can’t be measured doesn’t get done’ approach to Careers Education as well as skills development learning is still a feature in our schools. If we are to provide the leg up that our disadvantaged young people need, we need to move away from this outdated approach now more than ever”.

You can download the full report from the Skills Builder Partnership website here.

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