(University of) Cambridge Insight & Subject Tasters Opportunity for Year 12’ (CCC)

A programme for academically able Year 12 students to find out more about studying at a selective university like Cambridge! Each year, Christ’s College and King’s College at the University of Cambridge host Year 12 students from UK state schools to get a taste of studying here. We very much encourage nominations for and will prioritise students who are attending schools in disadvantaged areas (or have attended an 11-16 school, if you’re a 6th form/FE college reading!) .

Students must be nominated by a teacher or other staff member at their school for this event. 40% of those who attended this programme in 2020 and went on to apply to Cambridge in the autumn received an offer!

Deadline for nominations: 28th April 2021. Nomination form link below.

How will I know if this applies to my school?

If you are, or your school works with Teach First in any capacity, then that’s you! This might be through staff involvement in leadership and ambassador programmes, or the school recruits and/or trains teachers via Teach First, either currently or in recent years. If you aren’t sure, you can email Ellie at Christ’s College, Cambridge at access@christs.cam.ac.uk with the name and location of the school/s. 

What does it involve?

This event usually involves an overnight stay in Cambridge, but will be held online in 2021. The programme includes the opportunity to attend subject masterclasses in either of the two programme streams of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, or Sciences and Maths. These masterclasses will give students to engage with a familiar subjects, as well as trying something new they might not have considered or had the opportunity to study at school. The masterclasses will be complemented with admissions information, advice and guidance sessions, fun social events, and opportunity to interact with admissions staff, academics and current undergraduates

Dates & Programme

The programme runs from 18 May to 1 June, and is organised to be outside of school, as follows:

  • 18 May – programme introduction (16:30) and first academic taster session (17:45)
  • 19 May – social event
  • 20 May – two academic taster sessions (16:30 and 17:45)
  • 25 May – two academic taster sessions (16:30 and 17:45)
  • 26 May – social event
  • 27 May – academic taster session (16:30) and Q&A with current undergraduates (17:45)
  • 1 June – Programme round up: Personal Statements & Further Research (14:00)

Nominating & Eligible Students

Schools can nominate a maximum of 4 students for this programme – two per stream. Nominated students should meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 GCSEs at grades 7-9, or A*-A
  • If Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences: on track to achieve A*AA at A-Level. No subject requirements. 
  • If Sciences & Maths: on track to achieve A*A*A at A-Level, and studying 3 (or more) of the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Further Maths

For those taking the International Baccalaureate, this should be 776 at Higher Level, and Higher Level subjects must meet the same subject requirements as for those taking A-Levels. IB Higher Maths must be the Analysis and Approaches option.

Please note that Applied A-Levels and BTECs are generally not suitable qualifications for applying to Cambridge and therefore will not be accepted as suitable qualifications for this programme. You can find out more about entry requirements for Cambridge here

Schools are encouraged to select their most academically able students – those they think could apply to Oxbridge and other top universities. Selection will be made primarily on academic grounds, but we will consider widening participation criteria where relevant.

You have students in mind? Great! To nominate a student, please complete this online form. Each student will require an individual form. Nominations must be received by 6pm on 28th April, with decisions to be communicated by end of April. 

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