(University of) Cambridge Low Participation Neighbourhood Summer School (CCC)

Each year Christ’s, Sidney Sussex and Murray Edwards Colleges at the University of Cambridge collaborate to run the Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) Summer School. This is a two year programme that commences in August of Year 11 with a summer school, continues with a programme of online support throughout Year 12 and culminates in a second summer school in August of Year 12. The summer schools usually take place in person, but will be online in 2021 (the Colleges anticipate returning to in-person summer schools for 2022). 

At the Year 11 Summer School, selected students will benefit from:

  • a series of masterclasses lead by Cambridge academics and researchers, in one of 8 subject strands – out of Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Law, English, History or Social Sciences – as well as the opportunity to attend a masterclass in ‘something new’ outside of these strands.
  • sessions on post-16 subject choices, the collegiate system, the application process and courses available at Cambridge
  • opportunities to interact with and ask questions to admissions staff, academics and current undergraduate students
  • organised social sessions to meet and befriend other students on the programme

Throughout Year 12, the colleges will organise a number of webinars to support students in the journey to university and preparing an application, including A-Level study skills, exploring their subject/s, finances and budgeting, and the personal statement. This will culminate in a second summer school in Cambridge, focussing on preparing to apply including required admissions assessments and interviews

Practical Details & Applying

The programme is free to participate in, including all accommodation and meals when in-person but excluding travel. Assistance with travel costs are considered on an individual basis.

The Year 11 Summer School will be online in 2021, from 16-27 August (Monday-Friday only, with students only required to be online for a maximum of 2-3 hours on any one day). It is anticipated that students will be welcome in-person in August 2022 for the return leg summer school.

The deadline for applications is currently Friday 30th April 2021. Students must complete an online application form. Once received, a nominated teacher will be emailed to complete a reference for the student (teachers have until 7th May to complete these). Students can select a first and a second choice strand to be considered for, though places will be prioritised for those who choose the strand as their first choice. Additional advice on strand choice is provided here

Click here to go to the application form.


To be eligible for this event, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Currently in Year 11 (England/Wales, S4 Scotland or Year 12 in Northern Ireland) at a UK state school, and will be staying at a UK state school for sixth form study
  • Planning to take academic qualifications at sixth form (A-Levels, International Baccalaureate, Highers)
  • Can provide the name and email address of a teacher who can support the application
  • On track to receive a majority of 7-9/A*-A grades at GCSE
    • For those applying for the medicine stream, this should be a majority of 8-9/A* grades at GCSE, but we will pay close attention to the student’s individual circumstances. 
    • They should be expecting to attain the highest grades in the most relevant subjects to their strand (e.g. sciences/maths, or essay-based subjects)
  • Their home postcode is in Quintile 1 or 2 of the POLAR4 measure – i.e. the bottom 40% of postcodes in the UK for the progression of young people into Higher Education. 

Help with identifying eligible students 

Students can check their own postcode via this webpage from the Office for Students. 

School staff members are encouraged to email Ellie Wood, Admissions & Outreach Officer at Christ’s (access@christs.cam.ac.uk), to assist in identifying eligible students at their school, especially if you want to approach individuals directly. Ellie is able to run longer lists of postcodes, so you don’t have to get individual students to check themselves. This process takes less than 60 seconds to run, so they can have this information returned to you quickly. 

They do not need any other identifying information – just the postcodes in format AB12 3CD. You may wish to send the whole Year 11 group, or just those who meet the academic criteria – they don’t mind!

Finding out more

If you seek further information about this programme, please email Ellie Wood, Admissions & Outreach Officer at Christ’s (access@christs.cam.ac.uk), and check out the LPN webpage on the Christ’s College website. 

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