(University of) Cambridge Stonehouse Residential 2021 (CCC)

This Trinity College Cambridge programme is for groups of students who will be in Year 11 for the 2021/22 academic year (currently in Year 10) and an accompanying teacher from their school. Please read this page carefully before making an application.

You can complete the application form here. The deadline to apply for the Stonehouse Residential is midday on Friday 4th June 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

Questions not answered on this page? Email the Schools Liaison Officer, Lizzie: schools.liaison@trin.cam.ac.uk


The virtual Stonehouse Residential 2021 aims to replicate the detailed focus on teacher and student engagement that is at the core of the in-person programme. Selected schools will be eligible to nominate a class of Year 11 students to receive a day of bespoke talks and raising aspiration activities in late September. Students and the accompanying teacher will need to be off-timetable for the duration of the day that the school is involved.

This will give them clear guidance on A-Level and further education options, and ensure that students understand the context in which they are making these decision (that this will have an impact on what they can go on to do in the future). We increasingly see university applicants who are more than qualified to undertake certain courses, but are rendered ineligible simply because they have not chosen the right A-Levels. This opportunity aims to both counter that and outline clearly for teachers and students what they need to do to avoid closing off future educational avenues. The sessions will include (but are not limited to):

  • Introduction to Higher Education: Options and Choices
  • 16-18 choices: How to decide on the right path for you
  • Teacher Information Session: How to promote HE
  • Introducing Oxbridge
  • Virtual College Tour
  • Q and A with current Trinity College Students
  • Finance at University
  • The jump from GCSE to A-Level: Tips and Tricks
  • Student Life and Careers after University

Students will be inspired, motivated and informed to continue with their GCSE studies, with a clear trajectory in mind for their future. Support will also be offered in the months following the programme as students finalise their A-Level or Further Education decisions.

Teachers attending this event will benefit from a programme that allows participation alongside the students, as well as sessions designed especially for teachers, including information and opportunity to ask questions about the Cambridge application process, student subject choice guidance, and exploring resources. Teachers attend this event with the aim of being able to create a longer term impact upon the school, through becoming well-informed in the above areas and relaying this information to their students, colleagues and wider community.

The residential is entirely free.


This opportunity is available to all UK state schools. Schools will be prioritised if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Serve communities currently in POLAR quintiles 1 or 2
  • Have a high proportion of students receiving FSM
  • Have little to no prior engagement with the University of Cambridge
  • Have a low average GCSE point score
  • Have a low level of progression to HE

The teacher filling out the application will be given chances to supply further contextual data where relevant.

Students must be in Year 11 (England/Wales; Year 12 Northern Ireland; S4 Scotland), studying for GCSEs or equivalent qualifications, and should be intending to study A-Level or equivalent qualifications.


There are places for 5 schools on this event, each bringing a maximum of 30 students plus a teacher. We anticipate being heavily over-subscribed, and so will unfortunately be unable to offer a space to all those who make an application.

Teachers must make an application on behalf of their school. Only one application per school is required. The teacher completing the form does not need to be the teacher intending to attend in September, but should act as the point of contact on behalf of the school. The form will ask for contact details, information about the school, and will require a short statement on how attending will be of benefit to the school and wider community. There is also a section in which to provide any relevant contextual information about the school. Applications are open now and close on 5th June 2021.

The residential will be online for summer 2021. The application form asks students to indicate the feasibility of attending an online version of the programme, as well as their access to suitable internet connections and devices. Students who are unsure whether their internet connection and/or devices will be suitable are still encouraged to apply, and we can look into alternatives on a case-by-case basis for the selected students in these circumstances.


Applications will be considered holistically. We will look at the information provided about the school itself, and the individual information from the nominated students; no piece of information will be looked at in isolation, nor will any particular kind of information have greater weighting than another.

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