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Over the next few weeks we’ll be launching some exciting new series.

  • For and Against
  • The Secret Careers Leader
  • Triple I Resources

For and Against

This sees two Careers educators take opposing arguments within the Careers sphere. We ask you to engage with this across our channels to decide who decides. To submit a question or statement to debate on the ‘For and Against’ series, then email adding ‘For and Against’ as the subject heading.

The Secret Careers Leader

This is a opportunity for a careers educator to share their story, frustration or contentious stance in a safe anonymous space. Having this free space to get something off your chest or champion an idea or theory is exactly what we want to hear from you. To submit a piece for the Secret Careers Leader series, then email adding ‘Secret Careers Leader’ as the subject heading.

Triple I Resources

In this series all resources and projects provide you with the full picture of how they have/can work in your school or college. We join up the Intent, Implementation and Impact circle and give you the confidence to know that it’s fully tested, ready to go or adapted to fit your school or college. To submit a piece for the Triple I series, then email adding ‘Triple I’ as the subject heading.

There are lots more exciting series, project ideas, resources and events coming up. If you would like to be involved with the network then please do contact us through the Contact Us page, email us at or find us on through our socials.

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