Top 5 freely available resources to build Essential Skills using the Skills Builder Hub

The Careers and Enterprise Company use Skills Builder to define 8 essential, employability skills. These are skills that young people need to succeed in education and beyond into employment, skills like speaking, listening, problem solving, creativity, aiming high, staying positive, leadership and teamwork.

The Skills Builder Framework breaks down each of the eight essential skills into 16 teachable, measurable steps. To find out more about the framework, you can watch this video.

Here we take a look at the 5 most popular resources which are freely available online on the Skills Builder Hub.

  • Short Lessons – There are around 300 short lessons on the Skills Builder Hub. Designed to be delivered from the front of a class, short lessons typically take 20 minutes to deliver and focus on the knowledge needed to perform at a particular step.
Short Lessons

Quick win: Lots of secondaries and FE use short in tutor time, as part of their provision to meet Gatsby Benchmark 4. Primaries often use the short lessons as short bespoke lessons.

  • Posters – Posters in classrooms act as visual cues. Posters can remind students of the skills that they are developing, whilst also supporting staff to draw links between essential skills and the curriculum.

Quick win: Many teachers put icons posters around the board at refer to the skills when teaching curriculum content. In primaries some schools have developed working walls to track skill usage.

  • Passports – Skills Passports allow students to reflect on their Essential Skills and record examples from the classroom and beyond. Passports can be particularly helpful when preparing students for transition points.

Quick win: Lots of schools use the passports to record skills developed on trips, in extra-curricular or after work experience sessions.

  • Skill videos – There are 8 skill videos to introduce the 8 essential skills. Each is less than 2 minutes. They can be played in-person or remotely. When delivering to younger audiences, some schools choose to use skill stories instead.

Quick win: Skill videos are often used in assemblies and shared on social media to support parents to better understand the essential skills.

  • Skill Workbooks Skill workbooks can be used online or as a printed paper resource. Students work through a mix of comprehension, reflection and problem-solving activities to develop their essential skills.

Quick win: Many teachers choose to set the workbooks as home learning, for cover or to create differentiation within a lesson.

Go to the Skills Builder Hub and create a free account to explore these resources and the many other resources which are available.

The Hub

Like what you see? The Skills Builder Accelerator programme is Skills Builder Partnerships’ flagship programme opens for applications on the 28th February. Round 1 closes on the 1st April. There are a limited number of fully funded places available. Follow this link to find out more.

The Universal Framework

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