Operating as a wholly independent network, our team of experienced Careers educators work directly with leaders of Careers education. Our committee members offer support in designing and implementing whole school Careers strategies.

The volunteer Ambassador Regional Representative Members (ARRMs) work as a Committee (ARRC) who meet, as such, three times a year to share resources and good Careers practice.

ARRC is led by a steering group made up of six ARRMs who have a range of school setting expertise. More information on the steering group members can be found below.

Chair and Founder – Michael Britland

Michael is an experienced Secondary school teacher, Careers Leader and Senior Leader. Having completed Careers Leader training in 2018, he is an ambassador of the Teach First Careers Leader programme. Michael now delivers the same training while working as a Development Lead for Teach First. His previous jobs include; Barista, Account Manager, PR Assistant and Freelance Journalist.

Steering Group Members

Charlotte Sinnett – Harton Academy

Helen Suffolk-Adams – Landau Forte Academy

Ryan Oliver – Noel-Baker Academy

Alanna Jones – Hillside High School

Jenny Rogers – Wey Valley Academy

Chris Webb – The Next Normal careers podcast.

Samantha Lewis (Associate Member) – CareersChatUK

ARRC Structure


The Career Interview

The Career Interview podcast turns the table on the traditional interview process where we’ll help you find out if a particular career path is right for you. Each week, join Rachael, the host who talks to an industry expert about their career to find out what it’s really like and how they got to where they are today.

The podcast covers a wide range of roles from different industries, from the ones you know about, the ones you think you know about and the ones you don’t. So if you’re not sure what the right career path is for you, you’re considering a career change or you’re just a little bit nosey then this is the podcast for you. 

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Parent Power Podcast

Parent Power Oldham is a collaboration between Oldham Opportunity Area, Greater Manchester Higher, Citizens UK, the Women’s Chai Project (Oldham) and Trinity College. Podcast episodes produced by and for parents seek to break down perceived barriers to studying at leading universities and provide information and guidance about applying. PPO builds on the success of Parent Power London, a partnership with King’s College London

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The Career Sphere – Ambassadors In Business

A podcast produced for students by our friends over at Ambassadors In Business.

The world is full of possibilities and the future belongs to those who remain curious. So here on The Career Sphere we invite a new guest speaker each episode to share their experiences from the world of work and the lessons they have learnt on their career journey so far.

If you’re not quite sure where your future might lead, or if you’re not quite sure what your options are, this podcast is a smart and snappy starting point for making decisions about your first career.

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